New Staff Checklist

If you are new to VU Collaborate, start here.

New Staff Checklist

Welcome to VU! Whether you are a lecturer, tutor, support staff or services; this checklist will make sure you have everything you need to start using VU Collaborate; Victoria University’s learning management system. Sites in VU Collaborate are called spaces, they are used to support student learning with tools for course management, providing timely feedback and creating interactive and personalised learning experiences.

 Steps to Take


  1. Get your eNumber so you can log in to VU systems  (this should be sent to you by your hiring supervisor).

I don’t have an eNumber yet.
Contact your hiring supervisor or HR 9919-5999.

  1. Use your eNumber and password to Login to VU Collaborate (you can access it through the VU website and MYVU portal as well).
I have an eNumber but it isn’t working.
Call ITS service desk for support 9919-2777.
  1. Check that you have access to a sandpit and any space you should be teaching.

(A sandpit is a private online space for you to learn how to use VU Collaborate)

I can log in to VU Collaborate but I don’t see the sandpit I can use.
You can create your own sandpits (maximum of 5).  Check here for details about how to do this.

  1. If there is no teaching space available for the unit you are teaching, you will need to have one created. See the page, help with creating spaces to find a person in your College that is able to create the space or talk to your College Manager.  You can find the College Manager through the Intranet; click on the relevant college then the Contact Us tab.

I don’t know if I need to create the space or if one is already available.

Speak to your Unit or Course Coordinator to find out where it is or you can search this list to find out who can create spaces.  You can also talk to the College Manager, or contact ITS service desk for assistance (9919-2777).

  1. Go to the New to VU Collaborate page on this website and get started adding content, activities and assessment.
  1. Book in to one (or 10) of our VU Collaborate Training sessions which run at various campuses throughout the year.
  1. Subscribe to our Learning Environments news feed for updates on upcoming training and events.