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VU Scout Mobile App

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U Scout is a new mobile app for Victoria University students to enhance student life and learning both on- and off-campus, whilst winning some great prizes along the way.



What does it do?

You can use this application to:
  • Explore Vitoria University Campuses and Footscray University town with an interactive map
  • Unlock special 'mini games' - available only whilst on campus
  • Sign-in and find out which house you will play for either from Iron Light, Rouge Wire or Orion
  • Earn trophies and other rewards
  • Check-in to class and campus to win daily points and prizesAdd your friends and teachers
  • Check game scores and House Teams on the leaderboards 
  • Connect to VU Collaborate and track your progressWin awesome prizes such as Nintendo Switch,
    Macbook, movie tickets, gym/pool entry, DVDs, laser tag  tickets, preloaded Myki cards and even free coffee
VUScout Home Screen


How do I download this app onto my phone?

1. On your mobile device open your App Store 

2. Search for ‘VU Scout’ then download the application.

The App is available in both an Android and iPhone versions and can be downloaded at:

Android ,  iPhone

Games on VU Scout

You can unlock games on VU Scout by checking into campus. There are current two games, AR Sticker Graffiti Wall and Bulldog Buddy which you can play on this app. More games are on its way for production.

  AR Sticker Graffiti Wall

  • Check-in to Footscray Park campus to unlock the Augmented Reality Sticker Graffiti wall.
  • See your friends' creations, collaborate and decorate the wall with virtual stickers in real time!
  • Take photos of your creations and share on social media.
  • Stickers will last for one hour before your masterpiece fades away.
  • Find one of the sticker walls all around campus to play this game.
VuScout Augmented Reality wall with stickers
VU Scout bulldog buddy game screenshot

Bulldog Buddy

Adopt a Western Bulldog puppy and watch it grow over the semester. Check-in to campus at least once each week to keep your dog happy and alive. Collect Prizes and pet accessories daily!



Who can use this app?

VU Scout is an app for current Victoria University students who study at the following campuses: Footscray Park, Footscray Nicholson, VU Metro West, Kindred Studios, Victoria University Whitten Oval. If you are not a current VU student studying at these locations, VU Scout will not work for you.

How does it work?

By using Location Services on your phone, you can "Check-in" to class and various locations in and around the above campuses. Every check-in gets you points and puts you in the running to win prizes.

I won a major prize. How do I claim it?

To claim a major prize, email your name, student number and the prize you won to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I provide suggestions or report bugs?

For any feedback or support please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Providing us with screenshots would be greatly appreciated.

How do I get involved with VU Scout?

If you are a business and wish to collaborate with our app, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.