Create a Campus Pack Class Blog

CampusPack is a new addition to VU Collaborate that offers blogs, wikis and podcasts to staff and students.

A Campus Pack class blog allows students in your space to express and share ideas as well as comment and engage with others. This is a collaborative communication tool for learning and teaching that can incorporate text, images, video and link to web pages.

To create a private and individualised per student blog, try a CampusPack Journal, which has all the same features but remains private unless you choose to share it.

Note: We recommend using Chrome or Firefox with Campuspack. If you are using Safari, you will get a ‘login error’ unless you enable cookies through preferences.

Step One Navigate to Space - View Content page

Login to VU Collaborate and go to your space

1. Click View content

image of VU collaborate screen highlighting View content button

2.Choose the module that you wish to add the Blog to.

image of VU collaborate screen highlighting one module in the list of content


Step Two Add Activities – External Learning Tools Campus Pack Blog

2.1 Locate the Add Activities

Click on the Add Activities drop down in the module you have selected.


image highlighting an add activity button


2.2 Selecting External Learning Tool

Click on External Learning Tools option


image of add activities drop down menu highlighting External learning tools


2.3 Selecting Campus Pack Blog

Click on Campus Pack Blog, this will create a Campus Pack Blog at the bottom of the content page.

Note: You can move this further up in your content by left clicking on the three lines beside it holding left mouse button down and dragging the resource up the page

image of external learning tools screen highlighting campus pack blog button


Step Three Editing Title and Details of Blog

1. Click on Campus Pack Blog to give your blog a name and edit its properties.

2. Click the drop down arrow next to Campus Pack Blog Topic name then click Edit Title

3. Next to the Title write an appropriate name recognisable by the students for the Blog (this can be the same title as you gave the Blog topic)

4. Next to Description you can write the purpose of the blog


image of campus pack blog screen highlighting drop down list, title and description field


Create Grade Book Entry

If you wish to assess this blog and send grades to the VU Collaborate gradebook, enter the grade book properties.

1. Click Create Grade Book Entry

2. Type in the Entry Name with the name you wish this to display in the grade book for your space

3. Decide how many Points the grade item will be out of and put this number in Points Possible

4. Tick the box next to Display Grades to Students

5. Click the Add button

You are now ready to start adding Entries. See Use Campus Pack Class Blogs for next steps.


image of campus pack blog screen highlighting fields creating a great book entry