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Importing Gradebook Data

If you manage student grades using an Excel spreadsheet (CSV file), you are able to import this into the Gradebook within your Space. This must be in the correct format, and can be acquired by Exporting Gradebook Data first. This guide directs you on how to successfully import grade data into the Gradebook for a .CSV file.

Step One: Access the Gradebook

1. Select Grades from the Results menu.

Select grades from the dropdown

Step Two: Import your Excel file (CSV format) back to your Gradebook

1. Select the Enter Grades tab to access the Gradebook.

2. Click on the Import button.

enter grade screen highlighting import button  

2.1 Locate Your CSV File

1. Click on the Choose File button.

2. Locate the CSV file you have entered grades in and click on Open.

highlighting where to choose file for importing and continue button   

2.2 Import Grades

1. The name of your CSV File will be listed once it has been successfully added.

2. Click on the Continue button.

Click highlighted button to Continue 

Step Three: Error Check

1. If your CSV file is not in the correct format you will receive  Errors and Warnings.

2. Once errors and warnings have been resolved, click Continue.

Note: If you encounter errors and are unable to resolve it, try Exporting Gradebook Data, and entering the data again.

Errors and Warnings will be highlighted, you can then click to continue

Step Four: Preview Import

1. You will see a preview of the data that will be imported in your Gradebook which will note any changes that have been made.

2. For example “ - / 50 -> 40 / 50” indicates that the grade for this student has been modified from ‘nil/50’ to ‘40/50’.

3. Click Import to continue.

Import Preview 

Step Five: Confirm Gradebook Data

1. The Gradebook will be updated with the data from the CSV file.

Data Updated